Placeholder Text Generator

Placeholder Text Generator

Let me introduce the Octarine lorem ipsum Generator tool to you. We’ve created a simple, user friendly way to generate quick snippets of placeholder text. So this is perfect for designers, developers and everything in between.

Take a look at it here for yourself.

In publishing and graphic design, “lorem ipsum” is quite simply random pseudo-Latin which you can use in place of finalised content. This way designers can design the layout before the content is produced. Therefore each step of a project can be worked on in tandem which leads to less bottlenecks and dependancies leading to a faster result.

This tool allows any designer or developer simply move their mouse to the correct amount of placeholder text, and then click to copy. There’s no word count or settings. Just click.

Our generic placeholder text tool is just another example of how we aim to create the simplest and most user friendly tool. There’s no configuration or additional steps for users to learn. When you compare the usability to something like even the visual design is night & day.

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