WaiterW – The New Order & Pay System for Pubs, Restaurants & Hospitality

New from Octarine Studio, give your customers the best experience to tap, order & pay, the quick way. With WaiterW our new online table ordering system you can continue your business in a covid secure manner.

A New Order and Pay system for Restaurants

A New Order and Pay system for Restaurants. With many pubs and restaurants under a lot of pressure to adhere to ongoing government regulations, WaiterW should be the first point of call!

WaiterW is the brand new, online table order and pay system for Pubs & Restaurants.

Firstly, WaiterW offers a great way for your customers to order and pay for food and drinks from the comfort of their table using a mobile device. The perfect solution for eliminating queues and crowding around the bar. No apps and no customer log ins needed.

Digital Menus

WaiterW is your online menu which is viewed via an internet browser by scanning your QR code.

Each restaurant online menu is personalised to your brand and can be easily edited at any time. In addition, this helps in saving on printing disposable paper menus not to mention the recycling! 

View the demo menu HERE

Can I take your order?

Your WaiterW Menu enables customers to order exactly what they want and pay without moving from their seat. As a result your customer has an excellent customer experience and has the security of social distancing at all times. With your customers order sent straight to your kitchen staff this ensures no mistaken orders and a much easier way to track them.

For more information or to sign up for your very own waiter W head to waiterw.com or try a demo at demo.waiterw.com 

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